Sunday, 30 August 2009


We certainly are being favoured by the weather gods, hardly any winds, clear heavens and summer-like temperatures want to make us forget that we are currently in the high Arctic. Not so the unbelievable icebergs that seem to have a gathering in Qeqertarsuaq bay, their flancs glistening white in the sunlight.
Today we go out in the wild, in two different hikes. Whereas those among us who prefer to take it rather slow and stop here and there for a couple of pictures set out for the Valley of the Winds, there is another call for "All Ye Brave Hikers": For the first time in this season we go on a long and more strenous hike to Kuaanit, all the way long across ancient lava streams and lush green fields to the basaltic columns that seem to guard the whole coastline, all the time beneath the majestic plateau that once was a huge volcano. Everybody agrees that this is a stunningly beautiful place. More than once you can hear the word "paradise" spoken with a smile. It's quite hard to turn back, but then again, a hearty lunch is waiting for us.
In the afternoon the "floating university" opens its gates while we are lifting anchor to enter the Vaigat Sound, a whole series of lectures in no less than four languages is given, mostly on geology but also on dog sledging in wintertime. The sunset finds us surrounded by an enormous amount of huge icebergs all gleaming white, orange and finally dark blue.