Friday, 14 August 2009


Touchdown - Kangerlussuaq! Greenland at last. The journey we had all been dreaming about was beginning in earnest. As we entered the airport terminal we were greeted by the expedition team from the MS Fram. In short order we were escorted to the buses that would take us to the ship. A fifteen minute ride through barren rolling hills terminated at a small dock that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The excitement mounted in anticipation of boarding the Fram. Our new home for the next two weeks lay at anchor just 1km off shore. But first, on shore side, we were given a brief introduction to life jackets (it seemed like fighting an octopus with all of those straps!) and Polar Cirkle boat procedures.
Once onboard we were very efficiently checked in, photographed, issued ID cards and shown to our cabins. Later, when we arrived to our buffet dinner, it was very obvious that we were not going to lose weight on this trip!!
At 22:30 we took part in a mandatory drill which was followed by a welcome from the Captain and an introduction to the ship’s officer’s and expedition team.

Whew! What a long day!