Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Eqip Sermia

Riding the waves, yeeehaaa!
Many of us felt reminded to the Drake Passage in Antarctica, a good swell going our way. This gave the bridge tours a little extra, navigation live.
The wind picked up considerably, so we started to dread the bay at Eqip Sermia might be too rough for us. But then it is alway a good idea not to lose optimism, just take a look what's there. And indeed, we were lucky, the cove giving us nice protection from the choppy sea. After a short while everybody was ashore and could enjoy the majestic beatuy of the great glacier, or even take a hike on the mountains from where you could catch a glimpse of the inland ice. The glacier front is about five kilometers wide, something you just don't believe for the lack of reference. But surely boats don't go near for the glacier is highly active. However, sitting there, listen to the wind and the ice, looking down on the world where we are just visitors - this is a reward, and this is also an occasion to let the past days drift by, all the images and memories of everything we've done. So the stormy beginning of the day finds a peaceful end.