Monday, 21 September 2009

In the morning we made our way through the Umanak Fjord and it was really a spectacular sight to see: many think that fjord to be one of the most scenic of whole greenland - with the steep Nussuaq Peninsula on the one side and the rugged peaks of the Wegener Peninsula on the other side. And today this beautyful landscape was all covered with a thin layer of fresh snow, all down to the shoreline.

This added some difficulty to our tradionell Santa-Claus-Hike, but we made, it just took some extra-time.

And in the evening - as the highlight of the week for all expedition-team - we once again visited our nice friends in Ukkusissat. They had coffee, tea and cakes prepared in their community-house and later they visited us onboard the FRAM and showed our passengers dances, songs and their colourful national costumes. An interesting evening and we had much fun! To sorry it was the last time for a long period ...