Friday, 11 September 2009

Storm in Kangerlussuaq

Questions about the weather? Just don't ask...
The morning was quiet, peaceful, maybe a little sad because of the farewell. And then someone up there snapped a finger and all of a sudden high winds and nasty waves all over the fjord. The ride in the Polar Cirkel Boat became a most dangerous enterprise for driver and passengers. So we had to keep all the new arrivals ashore until quite late, knowing that everyone must have been veeeery tired from the trip. But there was no choice, and luckily everyone seemed to understand, especially after they had their own bumpy joyride to the ship. So the spirit is really good now, although everybody is of course dog-tired. Now, that was a true Expedition start, so let's heave anchor to make our way through the night! Our first destination is waiting - Sisimiut.