Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ilulissat - for sure one of the highlights of the whole trip. The city named after all the magnificent icebergs drifting out from the Icefjord into the Discobay, starting their northbound journey towards the Smithsound-Region, before turning south again and travelling additional thousands of miles along the shores of Baffinland and Labrador ...

It was more or less snowing throughout the whole day, but we were lucky enough to had all excursions taking place, so our passengers could enjoy the scenic Icefjord by hike, by boat and even by helikopter.

And what most people never realize - a slightly clouded sky gives a much better impression of the the icebergs: On sunny days the ice is just "boring" white, but with some clouds all the various sorts of blueish colours are getting visible. So it was in fact a perfect day to take some real spectacular shots of the most impressing sights of greenland - the icebergs!