Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Kullorsuaq Surprise

OK, ok. Yes, this is expedition. Things can change, we know. But to turn a sea day which was supposed to be a mere cruise up far north, filled with lectures, movies and good food into a landing in one of the most stunning places so far on this trip - this is simply GREAT!!
When we passed the bay of Kullorsuaq, Anja decided to give them a call, just to see how things were. And then the mayor invited FRAM, captain agreed to enter these scarcerly chartered waters, and so we turned to starboard and made our way through a labyrinth of white, floating giants until we could distinguish the first houses far away. Kullorsuaq means "Thumb of the Devil" because of the finger-shaped mountain in the background. But the devil must have left a long time ago, maybe because the place is simply too beautiful. Situated just at the foot of the inland ice, blessed with fish and seal and whale, this hunting settlement is slowly growing into a pretty, very unspoiled village. The kids stormed our landing sight and had so much fun hopping in our Polar Cirkel Boats, the sights in the evening light were undescribable, and true Greenlandic life was everywhere. So this unexpected visit was certainly one of the highlights so far.
And now we are finally heading north, with a little delay, a huge amount of photographs, and a smile on the face. That's what it is really all about!