Monday, 7 September 2009

Upernavik - so near and yet so far

There is something different when we are getting up this morning, that's what our bodies tell us. Oh yeah - the ship is moving. Not in the nearly imperceptible way it used to do in the last weeks, but whith a great deal more of motion. Now there's a chance to find out if we have real sea legs! In a drunken sailor's fashion we move towards the breakfast hall and back, just before our arrival to Upernavik, our goal for the day. Anchor chain is rattling out noisily, the familiar sound of the tender deck opening is to be heard and many a head is craning over the sides to watch the expedition team mount the Polar Cirkel Boat. Well - try to mount...the swell is letting the boat jump like a young rodeo horse. The decision is taken right away: We have to skip this landing, it's just too dangerous. So we are waving Upernavik good-bye and turn around to continue our journey south.
Well, but isn't board life good, too? Train your brain with more lectures, train your body and go to the gym, in the sauna, marinate in the Jacuzzi, sit and dream in the observation lounge, eat a lot, participate in the polar bear art contest, listen to Erman, Edgar and Jael sing in the bar. Or just - do nothing. This is holiday, after all!