Saturday, 12 September 2009

A rainy autumn day in Sisimiut

Photo: Roland Hanns Jürgen
It´s raining, but it feels like soft and warm pearls of water. The smell of fish, salt and sea tickles in your nose and for just a moment you can sense the smell of diesel from the harbor. Somewhere in the background you hear the dogs. They’re howling. “Feeding time? “ is the question that goes thru your head.
What a wonderful rainy day in Sisimiut. The dog we pass on our way up to the old church where standing like statues. Sitting on the rocks with the ears hanging down and the eyes focus two meter in front of them. It´s really an experience to discover Sisimiut in this pouring rain.
“There is actually not bad weather, only bad cloths” comes from one of our happy guests.
After a wet hike we go for a good cop of coffee at Sisimiuts café. We pass the local butcher. The top of the mountain disappear in the low sky.
Time to go back to the ship. Drilling, safety and finally dinner. We leave Sisimiut on a rocking sea. Suddenly the sun appears. The rain stops and we have a wonderful sunset.