Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Oooops, two weeks gone already? That can't be, haven't we just left two days ago? Hm, but our itinerary leads us inevitably towards the Sondre Strømfjord, where it all began.
However, this is another fantastic day in paradise, fine weather again, seas calm, so we have all reason to smile as we ride in to Itilleq in our Polar Cirkel Boats. And this is certainly a special stay: In many of the cosy houses we are invited for a kaffemik, a Greenlandic tradition taking place in the private houses of the people living here. So we really get to see how they live, get to eat their (very, very delicious!) cakes and get a decent cup of coffee. We might need all our strength, since we are on for the event the people of Itilleq have been waiting for all the time: The famous football match. Starting with only a handful of folks on both sides, this game got more and more of a sportive happening. Disregarding age, personal fitness or nationality, the ball was driven over the dusty pitch until the final score said 5:4 - for the host. Well, everybody won here today, that is for sure. And so now it's getting time for Captain's dinner and farewell as we re-enter the Kangerlussuaq fjord in the dark.