Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Basketball tournament

Can you believe to play basketball on a ship, outside on deck? Yesterday the very exciting basketball tournament started on board MV Fram, between the team from Engine/Galley, Deck and Dining. It was some exiting games yesterday, and today the final was between MV Fram Dining vs. MV Fram Engine/Galley.

It was a close game. Following points was made by;
Engine/Galley: Irvin 8, Barry 7 & Alex 1, in total 16 score
Dining: Elmer F. 6, Elmer E. 11 & Marvin 1, in total 19 score
Brian & Eric did a good profile on their team as substitutes.

Rest of crew where cheering for their favorites .
We even had a cheerleader; Lyn dressed in the MV Fram Dining suit was definitely the one making the most noise.