Friday, 26 March 2010

Fram Olympic Games goes on

Thursday the games started outside on deck. First we participated in sack race. All teams were off course very interested to win.

Sack race with 5 crew in it on the same time, is really something to try. It is so important to cooperate; jump on the same time, and turn on the same time and in same direction; otherwise the whole group is falling over – crawling on deck - instead of - moving forward.

Since we had borrowed the big sack from the Italian workers, they of course knew how to win the race. They won the first round – and in the sack race final – they were; SIMPLY THE BEST! Our First officer where shore that sack jumping is one of the Italian national sports, next to eating spaghetti!

Then it was time for throwing water balloons, but because of strong wind, the water balloons were changed into raw eggs. As you can see our Chief Purser is really worried about her teams’ egg. Maybe she hit her helper.

To continue the very exciting olympics, we had to move inside, because of the strong wind.

The longest one! Imagine what was going to be "the longest one"?

5 members in each team should try to make the longest line of thing they carried/had on, like key change, shoelaces, jewelries and of course clothing. Leftovers won “the longest one” last year, so you can bet that almost all crew had planned for a big revenge. But we are actually not sure which team won “the longest one”. Be glad we don’t have a picture to show.....

At all time, our judge, Captain Arnvid Hansen is the only one who knows which team is in the leading position.