Sunday, 7 March 2010

It's About The View

Ha!  No More pitching, rolling or slamming!  It is a sweet gentle ride today.  And the view.  What can we say about the view!  It is a designer view engineered to generate feelings of peace and harmony.  What can be more relaxing than to sit and watch endless fields of featureless grey while the gentle motion of the ship rocks one into a serene state of tranquility.  Recite your mantra and contemplate communing with albatrosses and  penguins, because just behind that featureless wall lies the Falkland Islands, home of the largest Black-browed colonies in the world and the extremely cute, crazy, crested Rockhoppers with their punk feather-cuts.
Like all sea days on board Fram, today was filled with lectures and documentaries about our destination.  We are prepped and ready to go on our various excursions or exploring on our own in Port Stanley tomorrow.  The next stage of our grand adventure is set to begin!