Saturday, 20 March 2010

Northern Gannets

Today we got company, from a lot of Northern Gannets (birds). They can be 95 cm, and the young once like to fly south to the cost around Africa. And as you know, we are sailing between South Africa and South America - so they want to join us. When we are coming to Europe, we might meet their parents. Once for sure, it is not easy to catch them on a picture. It is probably easier for them to catch the flying fishes we also see here.

Vanessa had her birthday recently, and she has celebrated for a couple of days now. Vanessa is normally working as a Waitress and Stewardess, but on this crossing she is working all over the ship. As you can see on the picture, she was very happy to get this nice birthday cake from the guys in our galley. We all were singing for her.
Tonight we will continue with our chess competition and start our shooting competition.