Thursday, 4 March 2010

A Great Grytviken Day!

Our morning started off with high winds, low visibility, cold temperatures and cloudy skies.  Not ideal for cruising in Drygalski Fjord.  In fact, the weather was so poor we skipped Drygalski altogether and headed straight for Grytviken. By 10:00 there was a big change in the weather.  The sun came out.  The wind dropped.  It was gorgeous.

We started landing operations at Grytviken at approximately 13:00. Soon everyone was on shore.  Just about everyone paid their respects at Shackletons grave.  And then it was on to the museum, the church and finally ending at King Edward Point.
There was wildlife everywhere.  Large elephant seals lay on the beach and in the tussock grass near the cemetery.  Fur seals were present throughout the walk from the cemetery all the way around to King Edward Point.  Small groups of King Penguins wandered about.  South Georgia Pintail ducks foraged along the beach.
We all had an amazing three hours on shore.  It was ample time to see and do everything Grytviken had to offer.
Later in the afternoon the ship moved alongside the dock at King Edward Point. The move was in anticipation of Fram bringing Ernest Shackleton's cabin from his old ship Quest to the museum next season.  The Captain had to first make sure it would be possible to pull up alongside the pier. 
We invited all of the Station personnel on board for dinner which they greatly appreciated.
Tomorrow we continue in Shackleton's footsteps as we head for Fortuna Bay.