Sunday, 21 March 2010

Cleaning the whole ship

The Italian workers are now finished with replacing the bathroom floor in all passenger cabins. Only the crew cabins left now, but fortunately for the workers they have run out of tiles. And there is now place to get supplies in the middle of the Atlantic sea. So the only thing they are working on now is their suntan. New tiles will arrive when we are bunkering in Las Palmas March 26th.

But after the work is done, somebody has to clean up. Cabins and corridors are full of dust. Housekeeping has already started on this job. They have been eager to get started as they want Fram to look her best when welcoming passengers in Lisbon April 1st. Richard, Betita, Rosa and Maria always do their job with a big smile on their face and sometimes even singing.

The freeze also has to be cleaned. It looks a bit funny though, when we have 40 degrees outside and the guys are walking around in their boiler suits.