Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Someone is always working

It is after midnight and some of the crew is still on duty. Engine room is always manned, 2nd Engineer Yadav is giving us a big smile as his duty is about to finish. 3rd Engineer Victor is probably at the moment being woken up from his sweet dreams. Tonight he is relieving Yadav at 01:00 instead of midnight as normal. This is due to that we are advancing the clock by one hour tonight, reaching Mid Atlantic Standard Time at position S 20’ 04” W 038’ 12”.

Shop Manager Rowena is also working at this time. AB Rey is passing by on his security round and is kind enough to help Rowena count postcard. From the picture it might look more like he is disturbing her than helping. And of course, myself Chief Purser Line, photographer and writer of the blog is still on duty.