Thursday, 25 March 2010

Grand opening Fram Olympic Games

It`s time for the Fram Olympic Games again. Last crossing team leftovers with the ship management won first price. Tonight all the other teams were eager to get the revenge they been waiting for since last crossing in October.

First task was hamburger eating. Doctor Alex impressed everyone when finishing the burger in no time. He has spent a lot of time in the fitness room lately, probably working up his appetite.

Next competition was newspaper dance. When the music stopped the dancers had to get their feet inside the newspaper, every round the newspaper was folded and became smaller and smaller, while the creativity became bigger and bigger. The judge Captain Hansen found it impossible to select a winner, so the points were divided between Deck department, Galley and Housekeeping.

Then it was time to get undressed, one female and one male member of each team had to change clothes inside a duvet cover. Deck department was superior here, as they have a lot of experience changing their clothes quickly when the Expedition Leader and Captain suddenly decide to do an unplanned landing.

Last contest was apple eating, it might sound easy, but when the apples are hanging from the roof and you are not allowed to use your hands it`s not easy at all. Still Deck department managed to get their third point for the evening.

Fram Olympic Games will continue tomorrow. Let`s hope the Italians and Engine team can get some points then.