Thursday, 11 March 2010

Square Dancing Penguins

We had a mixture of sun and clouds today and relatively calm seas.  As we approach Buenos Aires, the temperature continues to climb and is now a downright balmy 70 degrees F. The humidity is noticeably higher. We will be pulling out the shorts and short sleeved shirts and packing away all of the cold weather gear!
In the afternoon we had the results of our creativity contest.  There were lots of entrants and a surprising diversity of material.  There was everything from a penguin square dance, to lots of stimulating poetry, drawings, paintings and puzzles!  Congratulations to all of the entrants.  Picking one winner was impossible.  In fact it was not about winning. It was about the spirit of participating.
In the evening we held a multiple choice quiz.
Camille stalked our crew members with her camera again today.  Here are a few more members of our  hard working crew.
Tomorrow we say goodbye. Usually new passengers arrive on our port days but not tomorrow.  Many crew members will be leaving and new crew arriving but Fram will sail to europe without passengers.
 We would like to thank you for travelling with us and we very much hope to see you again, whether it is in Europe, the Arctic, Antarctica, Greenland, Spitsbergen or the beautiful coast of Norway.  For those of you reading the blog  at home we hope that our adventures in Antarctica will inspire you to travel to the Great White Continent one day.