Sunday 5 September 2010

A buzzing day in Nuuk

So, this is the capital of the country that has so much to deal with transition, independence, social and economic changes. This is where up to 500 people move to per year, mostly in the new-built living compounds in the southern part. This is where the very old past meets yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is the place where young political hopes coexist with hunting tradition and - believe it or not - leisure activities like paragliding.
This is where we spend the day. In the fully restaurated museum with the famous mummies, in the cultural center, in the many nice shops, or in the pittoresque nature just a few minutes away. So, dear reader , please follow the rest of our day just by the pictures shown here. Get your own idea. In the meantime we are moving on, away from the cities. From here to Iceland it will be small settlements and pretty nature. Feels good after a busy buzzing day in such a large town…