Friday 3 September 2010

Eternity is over

Going south is strange after spending a long time in icy places. But of course, there is also ice to be found here: In the morning we do a little boat cruise in front of the glacier in Evighedsfjord, the "Fjord of Eternity". Weeeeell, considering the amounts of ice that still were here only last season, we might need to redefine eternity… But lucky we were, the sun was piercing the clouds in various places, shedding magic light on the white-and-blue wall that loomed high over the waters surface. What a fabulous stuff ice is!
In the late afternoon we reached the city of Manitsoq where we were welcomed in the small harbour to a perfectly mild late summer evening. A very peaceful town awaited us, with colorful houses, a neat museum next to the old cemetery and a good opportunity to go shopping for good handicrafts.
During a warmly lit sunset we lifted anchor to go south again, to our "big city event" - Nuuk.