Monday 27 September 2010

Setting sails for another adventure

After three days of life in the harbour, it is time to go out to sea again! Despite the friendly smile of the Icelandic traffic lights, we are happy to finally (and hopefully!) leave this rainy weather behind us and head back to Greenlandic horizons once more.
Passengers arrived and it was a typical busy afternoon with everybody setting up cruise accounts, getting the blue expedition jackets and exploring the ship.
During the mandatory safety drill the use of the life jackets was explained and people were familiarized with their muster stations. Then, Captain Rune Andreassen welcomed everyone on board in the Observation Lounge.
The last trip of the Arctic season has now started and we are all very much looking forward to it! (and for the short term expectation: we are hoping that the Denmark Strait will not be too bumpy – despite the forecast!)