Thursday 23 September 2010

A friendly escort

 Today we find out what a seaday can be like, when the elements are on your side. People are ambling across the outer decks with a dreamy smile on their faces, looking out at the horizon. Time for a lecture? Why not, nice to learn more about Greenlandic Culture, climate, whales and what not. Suddenly an announcement over the PA: Whales on portside! People rushing out to the decks, the observation lounge, any window to see the spouts and the flukes.
Later on the water is stirring again, in shorter, swifter movements - white-beaked dolphins are coming to check us out…
They ride the bow, they go round and round, obviously playing with our ship. And suddenly - they're gone. Not a trace left, not a flipper. They had their share and are gone now where we can't follow. And we won't, anyway: Iceland is waiting for us. So we take this as a last farewell of the wild places we have been. Tomorrow it's a "civilized" place.