Monday 13 September 2010

Farewell in Reykjavik

Are you sad because it's raining, or is it raining because you're sad…?
Considering the amounts of water coming down this morning some of our departing guests must have been near desperation, big gushes hammer down on the pier and leave just enough space inbetween for everybody to say goodbye and rush to the busses. Thank you, from all of us, you have been a gentle, happy and interesting group to travel with. We are glad that you had the chance to experience so many different faces of Greenland with us, from the small villages on the west coast (do you still remember…?), to the capital, the Viking places, the great fjords, leading to the harsh side where we found good music and the immense icebergs. Have a safe trip home!
In the meantime we take a not-too-enthusiastic stroll through Reykjavik and rest a little, before we roll up the sleeves again to prepare for the next trip - the wild East coast. Although the weather seems to come to a rest here - even spoiling us with a pretty little rainbow - there are news about some nasty weather ahead. We'll see.