Monday 27 September 2010

Infotainment Day!

Is it the Denmark Strait or the Denmark Lake we ask ourselves this morning. Although some swell and wind were present, to our relief the sea was really smooth and nice today. No need for seasickness bags this time! The day started with Anja’s wake up call from the bridge – a procedure that is a daily ritual on board of MS Fram. Today we heard that the windspeed was 10m/s, which is a 5 on the Beaufort scale. This scale was created in 1806 by Sir Francis Beaufort and is an empirical measure for describing wind speed based mainly on observed sea conditions. So a 5 means a fresh breeze and the sea shows moderate waves and white horses. These disappeared during the day and in the evening we went down to a 3, i.e. a gentle breeze. 
Passengers could choose from a variety of interesting lectures relevant to our route. Shall we call it entertaining information or informative entertainment? The topics ranged from ice, rocks, seals to history – what a spectrum! Additionally, our guest lecturer Dr Jason Box talked about climate change, always a very hot topic. All in all it was a calm, relaxing begin of the journey, which made the observation chairs on deck 7 certainly very popular!