Friday, 15 April 2011

Check-out, check-in

It is in the nature of man to think in chapters, divide life into episodes. Obviously for everyone who leaves us today in Dover, it is a chapter to end. Glad to hear that so many of you liked it tremendously! No reason to be sad, there is always something else to come. Well, that's easy for you to say, might be your comment, you are staying on. True, but also for us, time is sliced. 
We also turn a leaf over when a trip comes to an end. New faces, new itinerary ahead of us, new weather forecast, a new program. An only a few hours inbetween. Which are usually filled to the brim with activity, so it doesn't feel that abrupt. It is only when the (loooong) day is ending that we find the images of the last episode wafting through our memory. That's how it works, everywhere. Life goes on and on, unstoppably. Isn't a ship a good symbol for this?
So, let's float on. The start could hardly be any nicer: A mild afternoon wraps Dover in a bright sunny haze, the white cliffs are gleaming as we pull out the harbour and travel along the coast for a little while. The new arrivals (some of them good ol' customers, though) obviously are enjoying themselves, after having done all the necessary check-in formalities. And again, being on a ship is so metaphoric: Casting the lines literally means severing the ties with your every-day's life. You are officially on holiday now!