Friday, 1 April 2011

April fool and Award night

This can be a dangerous day to believe in anything, and of course there is no exception on FRAM. Those who signed the declaration list for amount and state of clean shoes before we arrive to Lisbon, were caught by the "April-fool".
As we left Las Palmas yesterday afternoon we started to prepare for award night after more than 2 weeks with different games for single and group events, as we have described throughout the last weeks. The victorius ones were to receive their prizes tonight. Captain Rune Andreassen  handed out all awards, on the picture above Roy gets his 3 place in the Chess competition.
Housekeeping 5th place in the Olympic Games - Group Event
Galley 4th place in the Olympic Games - Group event, and by the way they deserve credit for having best group spirit, banner making, sponsorship and cheerleaders, with head cheerleader Mervyn in front left on the picture. Your pop-pom skills will go down in history Mervyn.
Restaurant 3 place . This team was close to win the whole thing, and they deserve credit for being the abolute best color coordiated team in the games, having color themes on their shirts every evening.

Left over team 2nd Place did not behave as "being left over", they were absolutely to be reckoned with, fierce competition spirit in this bunch.

Deck/Engine/Expeditionteam won the group events of the Olympic games like they did on the southbound crossing. You might guess the prize was orange shirts :-)

At the end of the evening the groups dismantled into one big group which is the crew on FRAM. We recommend you to take a look at the extensive work the galley team put down in that banner, and how many important sponsors they managed to get for the games.

We received a nice comment from Kjell Eriksmoen who will be one of our passengers from Lisbon the 7th. He is travelling together with a group of friends. Kjell, we are approaching Lisbon now, welcome onboard, looking forward to see you and your friends. We extend  that to all our embarking passengers for the upcoming voyage "Spring in Western Europe".

Todays interview is:
Name: Richardspn Quines
Position: Cabin Steward

How long time have you worked for Hurtigruten?
6 years

How many times have you crossed equator with a Hurtigruten ship?
6 times

What do you like best about the equator crossing?
I like that team work is developed in all departments and across department lines.

Is job different when the ship is crossing?
No difference in my job, the only difference is less or no passengers

Which tasks do you have during the crossing?
My tasks during the crossing is to clean, clean, clean the whole ship