Sunday, 24 April 2011

Eastern in the South

A typical sea day, ideal to chill out and either digest the plethora of memories we accumulated, or erase half of the redundant pictures from our memory cards. Or - do nothing, what about that for a change..?! Dozing a bit out on deck in the sunshine or attending one of the last round of lectures (or even the other way round - dozing in the lecture?...It's holiday after all). Somewhat in the early afternoon we round Lindesnes, the southernmost point of Norway. This is another good reason to celebrate after having had Easter decoration at lunch. The galley even puts up a variety of tasty (and heavy, every calorie counts…) Easter cakes in the observation lounge.
The crew took advantage of having a bit of landing-free time by excercising a fire drill, which also is so much nicer in the sun. 
An interruption in the packing activities is the late afternoon invitation of the Captain for a last farewell cocktail, a parting speech and a song. It was a memorable voyage, and this was certainly a happy bunch on board. Crew and Staff are truly thankful for that - it makes life so much easier every day. So, have a safe trip home, and come back, if you like. You will be welcome!