Monday 25 April 2011

Norway without Norwegians

Changeover day. This stands for hectic arrangements on the pier, the tangle of taxis and busses, crew arriving and going, sad passengers leaving, happy early-arrivals being refused by port authorities, and bystanders unsuccessfully trying not to be in the way of everyone else. 
And finally it is done. Time to get a quick dash into town, Norways capital is waiting in the sunlight, nice. After a few minutes walking a weird feeling is creeping up my neck, without being able to put my finger on it. But then - of course: Where are the people…?? Try to spot one in the pictures...
Any curfew in effect? Nuclear threat? The plague? None of it! It is a long week-end, so all these nature-loving Norwegians are out into the mountains or on their boats, leaving the capital to the few tourists. And us, of course. So we contributed significantly to Oslo's liveliness today, without even knowing it. After a rather eerie walk, back on board. House-keeping has worked harder than hard to get the cabins ready, and already at 12 o'clock the new group shows up. 
So, let's start all over again. Welcome aboard!