Saturday, 16 April 2011

The lazy ocean

So, this is the fierce North Sea? Hah! Smooth as a silk cloth, mild as springtime in the garden, these alledgedly rough waters present themselves from their best side. 
So, holiday it is - sitting outside in the sun, only disrupted by the occasional lecture or the luring smell of freshly made waffles that is wafting across the decks, encouraging the effort to get up and fetch one from the bar. And then it is already time for dinner...phew, rough day!
Around sunset we get a first impression of approaching the beating heart of the Norwegian petroleum industry, more and more oil rigs appear as ghostly silhouettes in the distance. But the port presentations, given by Karin, Corinna and Christelle, do reassure everybody: Apparently Stavanger has much more to offer than just oil and gas. So, let's glide through the night, with a moon so bright that it outshines the stars.