Wednesday 4 March 2015


Today is our second full sea day as we head northeastward toward South Georgia Island. Just like the line by Hoagy Carmichael from his song “Georgia” sung by Ray Charles, Georgia is on our minds. We are looking forward to landing tomorrow on the Island and seeing the King Penguins and to visit the old whaling station and the museum at Grytviken.

Today was filled with 8 lectures and most were directed to get us to appreciate South Georgia.
The island has an intriguing history and striking scenery. Plus we now know about the geography, geology and the productivity of the nearby waters gave rise to the krill density which provided the food for the whales.  

Our evening had a musical note. In the Observation Lounge, Myles played the piano or his ukulele and he provided the music and words for our dancing and listening enjoyment as we motored on toward Georgia. In this case it is the south end of South Georgia Island.