Wednesday, 11 March 2015


West Point Island is spectacular and one must admit the weather was perfect. It was another warm sunny day and though the main colony we visited was a good hike away most of us walked over to the Devils Nose overlook. Here the lumpy topography and tall grass allowed us to get fairly close for great views and photos of the nesting in Black Browed Albatross’ and their neighbors the Rock-hopper Penguins. Always circling overhead or waiting on nearby rocks were two types of birds of prey, Caracara falcons and Turkey vultures.

Some of us caught rides back to the settlement house in the Land Rovers because we wanted to have ample time to sample the large and tasty cookies and cakes that had been made for us to enjoy. By noon we were back on-board and underway for Buenos Aires. We do not know how the weather will continue but we started this 3+ day journey in flat seas and sunny weather.

Our evening activities were highlighted as passed through a fleet of brightly lighted fishing boats. The lights attract the small crustaceans that squid feed on and the fishing boats lower lures and hooks to catch the squid which will be sold on the world market.