Thursday 10 September 2015

A beautiful start in Iceland

Day 1 10.09.2015
New trip begins! In the morning we had to say goodbye. Standing in the winds of Reykjavik, we waved to our departing guests. Some of who would explore Iceland further, many who would go back home. Our first day of the new trip was in the name of organisation. After refilling the stocks and bunkers of the ship and cleaning the interior our guests were checking in, filing medical reports and getting brand new Hurtigruten Expedition jackets. Because some flights were delayed, not everybody arrived at the same time, which made the lines a lot shorter. Once we were complete, MV Fram loosened the mooring ropes and we left the “Bay of smoke”, meaning of Reykjaviks name. As we sailed out we got to see a rainbow ahead. That must be a good sign for the rest of our voyage.

 Our beautiful shipdoctor Diana and nurse Luz

 See what happens to this cake ...

... it was delicious!

 Walter and Morten approve.