Wednesday 16 September 2015

The world's largest fjord...

Day 7 16.09.2015

This Wednesday was a day in the name of exploration. We headed into the magnificent Scoresby Sund fjord system, the biggest of the world. MV Fram has never been in here before, so every landing and all the cruising is new, not only for the guests.
Our first landing took place at Sydkapp, or Suuninnguaa in Greenlandic. It was fairly steep terrain, but climbing it was worth the effort for seeing the very last and hardest of the flowering plants. Again, the weather was beautiful. The light setting in the morning hours was stunning and later during the landing the sun made us feel comfortably warm.
The rest of the day we spent cruising in the largest fjord system on earth, even under full engines it will take us a while to reach the end of it.
In the night we still had no wind, 4°C, clear skies and you guess it: Northern lights to watch.

Adventurer Erik Jørgensen is watching out for our guests