Sunday, 13 September 2015


Day 4 13.09.2015

The last day in Iceland, next stop GREENLAND!

In the morning in ìsafjördur we started with some hiking into The Troll’s Throne, a place where a troll sat down on the mountains and left a seat forever. Some of us went on the trip “Savour the flavor of Sudureyri” to get a taste of Iceland. They visited a family owned fish company where the guide Daniel told some local stories and offered some samples to taste. Another small group even went on a horse riding excursion in Thingeyri with the renown Icelandic horses.
In the afternoon MV Fram departed from ìsafjördur, leaving the coast of Iceland for good and heading towards the Denmark Strait. The sea was not kind that night and therefore we cancelled the fashion show. Most of us went to bed very early and were rocked to sleep by the ship plowing through four meter high waves.