Sunday 27 September 2015



The highlight of the day is bjørnøya, but unfortunately we cannot go on land because of the bad weather the island is famous for.

However we are lucky the weather is not as bad to also prevent us from our awesome plan B: Polar Cirkle Cruising for everyone! 

So out we go in the little boats and take a little round along the huge birdcliffs which still have quite a few birds even this late in the year. Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Glaucous gulls are still plenty, while the skuas and guillemots (common guillemot, Bruennichs guillemot and little Auk) have already left for their wintering quarters. Earlier in the year the whole area is protected as a bird sanctuary, but since breeding season is over, visiting is allowed again. Because of all the guano the birdcliffs are actually the only green parts of the otherwise quite barren island.

And as a little reminder of the dangers of the seas, we aslo visit a shipwreck from the 80s, an old Russian Vessel on one of the cliffs!

Back to the Fram for lunch with cod caught an hour before being served! 

Waffles for tea!