Friday 18 September 2015

What a sea day!

Day 9 18.09.2015

A wonderful sea day!
Finally we hit the first drift ice. Those brave people staying outside in the now remarkably colder air were soon rewarded with wildlife. After many pictures of the birds were taken, the king of the arctic himself showed up. We saw a polar bear on the ice eating a fresh seal.
As if that was not enough, a much more seldom sight came in our range: a whole group of killer whales! They were not for too long around us, but long enough for some worthwhile pictures and memories.
We experienced both fog and beautiful sunshine. The sea was calm so it was easy to sit in the lecture halls and listen to our lecturers telling about polar bears, northern lights, kayaking and the history of Greenland.
In the evening, during sunset we ended the day with a crew show in the bar.

What a killer whale!

Having a good lunch.

A Finwhale

The northern fulmar likes to glide in the air close to the water.