Monday, 14 September 2015

About rocking nights and magical nights

Day 5 14.09.2015

This morning we still had quite some waves and not everyone on board felt like having breakfast yet. As we got the briefing about the AECO rules we have to follow as responsible visitors, we were approaching our first stop in Greenland. Ittoqqortoormiit, or Scoresbysund for those not fluent in Greenlandic, was the name of our destination.
The wind was blowing almost straight against us, so unfortunately we did not make it in time to the village. Instead, we had lectures on board and as we got closer the sea became more calm. In the evening we were rewarded with a fairytale like polar night. Clear skies, no wind, a tiny village in between snowfields on the rocks and the sky covered in dancing green northern lights. Magical.