Saturday, 19 May 2012


Last night we left TALLIN, Estonia, en route for RIGA, Lettonia: a distance of 280 nautical miles, quite a long stretch through the Baltik Sea, and the gods of the seas were nice to us.

Today we began our program with lectures: Claus lectured on amber, a jewel of the Baltik Sea.
Jean-Louis had marine mammals on his programm: it was all about whales and seals in polar waters.

In the afternoon, Anja introduced passengers to other FRAM destinations like Spitsbergen, Greenland, Europe and Antarctica.
A good alternative for our guests was to just relax on the outer decks, where many enjoyed the smooth cruising under a warm sun.

In the evening, we were all confronted with a major dilemma: football championship Bayern/Chelsea live in Framheim hall or ice carving in the observation lounge? We will let you know tomorrow what attracted most of us.