Monday, 7 May 2012

The Quiet Pond

Sea day. Calm day. Actually, that sums it up so nicely that there is hardly anything to add to it. Our itinerary leads us in considerable distance from the nearest land masses, so all we see is - sea.
What do you do when all of a sudden you have time on your hands?
Many find it difficult in the beginning to deal with this surprising amount of liberty and just do nothing, to only sit and watch the totally calm waters around us. Ok, the morning is wisely spent by attending the bridge visits, where our captain Arild Hårvik patiently explains the ship's technical features and answers all questions. And now? Well, point of fact, there's no need to be lazy, there are lectures given - on the Hanseatic League, on the famous Hermitage in St. Petersburg and on the Baltic Sea throughout the last couple of billion (!) years. There is our lofty gym, where you can work out or stretch while overlooking the endless horizons, giving you the perfect excuse during the meals to add a ladle more soup or a slice of meat.
The atmosphere is superbly laid back, the sunset is one you want to touch with your hand, it makes you bow toward the West. And so everybody is in a happy mood as we all gather for the Incredible Fashion Show. Well, I leave the definition of incredible to you...