Tuesday 22 May 2012

Gotland in the sun!

The morning we spent aboard on our way to Visby, the main city on Gotland, Sweden. But there was no time for relaxation. Our lecturers had prepared very interesting topics for us, so that we used the morning to learn more about the region we are travelling through.

Approx. 12h we reached Visby, this wonderful historical city that also belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the middle ages the island belonged in different periods to the Gutes (the tribal name of the Gotlandic people), the Danes, the Victual Brothers, the Teutonic Order, the German Hanseatic – leagues and since the Treaty of Broemsebro in 1645, the island has remained under the Swedish rule.

The galley was so nice to start our lunch at 11.30h so that we have been ready for our excursion directly after we went alongside in the harbor. The busses waited already and the wonderful afternoon in Gotland could start. It was unbelievable warm. We had the feeling to be here in Sweden on a very special summer day; even it is still spring time. The passengers on the Gotland tour saw a lot of the countryside while others explored Visby on a guided tour by foot.

Imagine wondering around a small city, ancient houses on cobblestone coverd narrow roads, small boutiques! Visby is also called the "town of the roses" and it is a wonderful sight. As soon as you walk a bit away from the main road, it is calm and quiet, you get easily in touch with locals. Most passengers sooner or later met up in Swedens biggest ice cream place- which offers 160 different kind of ice creams!