Friday 25 May 2012

A perfect start

Our first day aboard MV FRAM on our way to Leith in Scotland was a sea day. But it was not a normal  day for this region. The North Sea can be so unbelievable rough but we had  nice and calm water under a blue and sunny sky. What a first day for our trip to the high Arctic! We can be sure, that the temperature will change soon; but hopefully the sun will stay with us for a long time!

For those of you, reading the blog anywhere in the world, please do not believe that a sea day like today is a relaxing day. No, no and another time no. Our lecturers used the opportunity to have us all aboard for teaching us in different lessons. So we became nearly perfect Biologists for fish, marine mammals and seabirds. In the evening we had a briefing for tomorrow and so we feel very well prepared for our landing in Leith/Edinburgh.

But to say the truth – we had of course free time too. It was wonderful to rest in the sun, to read a book, have a drink in the bar or talk to other guest. There was also time for little nap after lunch. Let´s say it in a short way: we had a perfect day!