Friday 4 May 2012

Going is Coming

Last night's rain was a Farewell to Fjordland, or the equivalent of Fjordland waving its handkerchief on the train station.
One full sea day lies ahead, good opportunity to arrange the departure, pack, retrieve the passports and let the memories pass by. The weather is supporting this chill-out with mild temperatures and a lot of sunshine. Apparently, everybody is well organized, as the lectures are again well attended. Some projects come to an end like the Hardanger Embroidery workshop, whose participants are only too proud to present their final works. Action prevails when the ship's crew is performing a big emergency drill, involving full fire fighting teams, marking of the cabin doors, and a staged evacuation.
An unexpected highlight is offered by our chef Eirik, who gives an amazing crash course on different types of salmon and how to expertly cut them up.
Captain Hårvik invites everybody to the Panorama Lounge for the farewell cocktail, and everybody is changing between melancholic mood and the happiness about having had such a lucky trip with so many impressions, landings, excursions, lectures, workshops, pictures taken, friends met.
So add these days to the treasure chest of your memories, put them on top of the hopefully large pile that is already there. This is how it supposed to be, savor the moments as they come, wear the past like an exciting perfume, look at the future with relaxed anticipation. Some good things will happen, that is for sure. Maybe they even involve traveling with us.
So make your good-bye an "auf Wiedersehen", see you then!