Thursday 17 May 2012

Two golden days in a golden city

We arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday. And again we could sail directly into the city and again it was warm and sunny. That is not normal for St. Petersburg – there are only a few very sunny days in a year and we got two of them. Perhaps we have only angels aboard.
St. Petersburg is difficult to describe with words. Everything is so impressive. The river Neva, the neoclassical fronts of the houses, the palaces and churches and of course all the golden cupolas, which are shining in the sun. 
We had many different excursions during these two days in Russia and we made the decision:

Let the pictures talk!!

View from our pier to the other river bank (Photo: Bronny)
View from our pier to the other river bank (Photo: Bronny)
St. Petersburg by night (Photo: Bronny)

Spilt Blood Church (Church of Resurrection) (Photo: Glardon)
The Hermitage (Photo: Glardon)
Local Food Market (Photo Glardon)

Catharine Palace (Photo: Glardon)
Peterhof (Photo: Bronny)

Peterhof: Grand Palace and Fountains (Photo: Bronny)

Peterhof Park (Photo: Bronny)
St. Isaac´s Cathedral (Photo: Imbs)

State Symphony Orchestra St. Petersburg aboard MV FRAM (Photo: Bronny)

Peter and Paul Fortress (Photo: Bronny)
Peter and Paul Cathedral (Photo: Bronny)
Norwegian National Day (Photo: Tjessem)

Norwegian National Day (Photo: Tjessem)