Friday 18 May 2012

Tallinn- here we come!

After 197 nautical miles our eyes were drawn to the sky line of Tallinn. From the original town wall and the 66 towers still many are standing and it is a city with absolute charme! Just imagine all the dimensions in this small place- just the building of the town wall took around 300 years- and in the end the wall was (after many modifications within the years) 2,35km long, up to 16m tall and 2-3m thick! You could definately feel safe here even in the olden days! But still you have somehow the "small village feeling" when walking around the city center.
From the distance, you already see the Toompea (Cathedral hill) and the tower of St Olai Church. Built in the 12th century, the later was between 1549 and 1625 the tallest building in the world with 159m! Being the highest building proofed not so good as lightening struck it over the years at least 8 times...

We spent the day walking around the city, exploring the narrow alleys, spent too much money in the small stalls selling among other things beautiful linnen, glass wear and local treats. Some of us were extremely active and biked with a local guide throughout the city while others discovered it by foot- and some had the pleasure of exploring the great nature of the Laheema National Park.