Sunday 15 December 2013

Neko Harbour and Paradise Bay

 Some of our passengers started the landing WAY ahead of time: they actually slept at today’s landing site, at Neko Harbour! We had reached Ankvord Bay the night before and set up a camp on the Antarctic mainland, facing the imposing ice walls of the glaciers. The night was so bright, and our passengers so excited, that we only slept a little bit. Early in the morning, before returning to Fram and its creature comforts, we hiked to a lookout point to take in the magnificent view over both the glacier and the bay.

On our way back, we took the quickest and most enjoyable way back: sliding down the slope!
Everybody had a great time at Neko Harbour: most passengers walked up the hill to the lookout point and enjoyed both the magnificent vistas, as well as the funny ride downhill. Some other passengers went cruising in the bay, discovering what the iceberg maze had to offer. Yet a further group went kayaking, also exploring and enjoying the wonderful scenery and icescape around us.

In the afternoon, we visited Base Brown, an Argentine station located in the aptly called Paradise Bay – and what a paradisiacal view we enjoyed from the hilltop behind the station… And yes, we had a second chance to slide downhill, which we all enjoyed. All in all, it was a fabulous day in Antarctica!