Sunday 1 December 2013

Port day - and off to sea again

This morning MS Fram gently approached the dock at Ushuaia, where our guests would continue their journeys. Of course, as always, we were a bit saddened to see them go - but that's life and it's not like we're sending them to horrible places! Many of them are continuing their travels in other exciting destinations in South America, which is something to look forward to. Many are going back home, ladden with fabulous memories and stories to sahre with their loved ones - not a bad prospect either.

And naturally, we are also always looking forward to our new guests, and to beginning a new journey with them. And a fabulous journey it is, the one we're starting this evening: we are sailing towards the Malvinas/Falklands Islands, then on to South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula - so an intinerary that should excite everyone! Even someone that has done the trip several times, like we expedition team members, that just cannot get enough of those wonderful, distant, wind-buffeted places...

Our new guests arrived in the afternoon; and it was an eventful time, as they had to check-in, get their bearings on the ship, unpack and start taking in the landscape of the Beagle channel and the idea of sailing to very remote places. So, excited and a bit tired, we ended the day enjoying the sights as Fram gracefully made its way to open seas.