Thursday 5 December 2013

Windy, cold Port Stanley

 True to the weather forecast, today evolved from calm and sunny to cold, and windy over the course of a few hours. Nonetheless, our intrepid passengers braved the elements and ventured out of the ship to take part in different tours.

Some walked around the peninsula across the pier looking for wildlife; and enduring an almost horizontal hailstorm constantly trying to block their passage. The brave explorers were rewarded with the sight of a group of dolphins frolicking in the wild waves.

A further group went to a cove to observe a colony of gentoo penguins and the king penguins that occasionally spend some time in the beautiful beach. The sturdy souls that -literally- endured a bit of a sandblasting treatment, witnessed beautiful scenes of penguins going back and from the sea; amid a very photogenic haze of sand.

Even a leisurely walk on the main street, overlooking the harbour, also required some stamina, as those taking the historic tour were not spared the cold rain and the occasional wind gusts. They, however, recovered from such harsh treatment by enjoying a very British tea and scones with whipped cream.

In in all, we all enjoyed to see Port Stanley in its harsh but beautiful character - and had the opportunity to see some of its unique fauna: