Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Cruise Ship Is All About Mobility

A cruise ship is of course, all about mobility but once in a while it is nice to be in one port all day or even overnight.  We docked in Isafjordur around 22:00 last night and didn't depart until 21:30 today. A ship at anchor or tied to a pier overnight is so peaceful.  Quiet.  Relaxing.  Here in beautiful Isafjordur we are far from the maddening crowd.  Although we are right next to a small town of approximately 3500 people, there is no traffic noise.  For the most part it was the plaintive sound of Gulls calling. Another wonderful thing about being in port all day, especially a beautiful place like Isafjordur, is that you have time to do everything, or, if you wish, plenty of time to do nothing at all.  It's totally up to you.
We had several terrific excursions available today which included: touring the nearby town of Sudureyri and tasting seafood,  hiking up to the Troll's Throne which had a magnificent view of
Isafjordur, a cultural walking tour of the town of
Isafjordur, and horse back riding on Icelandic horses.
The weather cooperated with us today.  We had periods of sunshine with great visibility.  We could see the top of the fjord and surrounding mountains and best of all, no rain! Yippee!  The great weather really contributed to making all of the excursions great!
In the evening two local young ladies performed in the Observation Lounge at 19:45.  Salome sang and Kristin accompanied her on the piano.  They were really excellent. Everyone wished they could have performed a little longer.
Then at 22:00 the officers and Expedition Team put on a fashion show modelling many of the items we have for sale in the gift shop here on board Fram.