Monday 5 May 2014

Another «change over day»

In the very early morning we picked up our river pilot who should guide us over the river Elbe to the harbour of Hamburg. Around 11:00 Fram went alongside the pier in the “Hafen City”. It was a big good bye and a lot of hugging before passengers left the ship to travel home.

A “change over day” is always hard for the crew as the whole ship has to be cleaned so that the ship is more or less shining for the new incoming guests.
The new guests arrived just after 16:00. Passengers started to learn the ship just after the check in.

Fram left the harbour of Hamburg at 20:00 after all passengers had participate in a mandatory safety drill.

During our first dinner we had a special event with music and cake for our hotel manager Kjell, as it was his birthday.

Some days ago a couple of our passengers celebrated their “Golden Wedding” on board. The huge amount of roses the husband bought for his wife, have been left on board as it was too difficult to bring them home. Now we all can enjoy them. Love is something wonderful. We send many congratulations to the happy couple via our blog.

In the evening our Captain, Rune Andreassen, invited us to his Welcome Cocktail. Here we saw also our expedition team the first time.

As everybody was quiet tiered most passengers went to bed early, dreaming perhaps of the Norwegian fjords.